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Why Scientists Want You to Stay Away from Stain-resistant, Waterproof, and Nonstick

A group of scientists warn against using everyday kitchen items because most contain a harmful group of commonly-used chemicals.

Views 98 / April 15, 2016


Free Up your Fridge (and Kitchen) from Toxins this Spring

Eating healthier and making smarter choices at the market means you are reducing the amount of toxins you ingest.

Views 232 / April 2, 2016


Harmful Household Products Database

While meant to clean and sanitize, many common cleaning products actually can cause harm in our homes.

Views 268 / March 30, 2016

Air Pollution Shown to Harm Babies in Utero

Indoor air pollution can be just as harmful as what’s lurking outside.

Views 292 / March 16, 2016


Conscious Cleaning this Spring

Our March series on conscious cleaning will keep you & your family safe this spring.

Views 154 / March 9, 2016

New Changes in Depression Screening Before and After Pregnancy

Evidence shows both mothers and their children benefit when women receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment for depression.

Views 188 / February 20, 2016


The One Thing Every Pregnant Woman Should Be Eating On Valentine’s Day

If you need an extra excuse to indulge this Valentine’s Day, look no further.

Views 275 / February 12, 2016

Oxytocin Improves Mental Health & Helps Bonding with Baby

Oxytocin Improves Mental Health & Helps Bonding with Baby

Could a hormone associated with birth and bonding help women struggling with depression?

Views 201 / February 3, 2016

Fear of Large Babies Increases Unnecessary C-Sections

Fear of Large Babies Increases Unnecessary C-Sections

Are poorly predicted birth weights a major contributor to the rise in cesarean section births?

Views 288 / January 19, 2016


Epigenetics: How Genes & Environment Impact our Children

Research shows us that our experiences and environment can shape the health of future generations.

Views 327 / January 12, 2016