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New Year’s Resolution: A Natural Birth From the Start

Interventions have been used to replace the natural birth process. Try these ways to prepare for a natural birth.

Views 266 / December 27, 2015


Baby Dining in the Sky? Tips to Ease Feeding In Flight

With a little bit of planning, feeding a baby on board can become the least of your traveling worries.

Views 230 / December 20, 2015


Effects of Smoking, other Environmental Exposures Remain in Kids for Years

A new study suggests that toxin exposure during pregnancy may have a longer-reaching health impact than previously known.

Views 446 / December 11, 2015


4 Ways to Help Prevent Infertility

Hope to be pregnant someday? Begin incorporating healthy habits now to enhance fertility once you’re ready.

Views 388 / December 4, 2015


The Grocery Store is Full of Healthy Food. Why Aren’t We Shopping There?

We increasingly buy our food at big box stores, places notoriously known for a lack of healthy food options.

Views 257 / November 24, 2015

How to Create A Safe & Non-Toxic Nursery

Before dreaming up your ideal nursery, consider adding safe and natural products to your “must have” list.

Views 231 / November 12, 2015